In this episode of The Franchise Manual Podcast we speak with Canadian attorney Joseph Adler and Alex Spiro on the topic of how to expand a franchise system into Canada while avoiding the common pitfalls that hinder many franchisors.

Segment 1: Get to know Joseph Adler
In segment one of this episode we spend a little time getting to know the person Joseph Adler. We learn a little about his childhood growing up on Hamilton, Ontario, his first job, and his pathway to law school.

Segment 2: Expanding a franchise into Canada
In segment 2 Joseph Adler outlines some of the common pitfalls that many non-Canadian franchisors experience when they attempt to expand their franchise system into Canada. The topics of discussion are:

  • Maximize the U.S. market first – maintain domestic focus
  • Ensure that your IP is protected
  • Be proactive rather than reactive
  • Ensure necessary supply chain – Import issues
  • Market analysis – Canadian taste preferences
  • “Canadianize” the FDD and Ops Manual
  • The importance of engaging a Canadian franchise attorney
  • Understanding the competition
  • Finding the right franchisee

Segment 3:- Quick Draw Questions
Segment 3 is a fun way to wind down the episode with quick, fun questions such as favorite movie, favorite book, etc. We find out what Joseph would do if he had $1 billion to make the world a better place. We also find out if this Toronto attorney is a closet spaghetti western fan.

This is a FANTASTIC episode and a MUST LISTEN if you have ever considered expanding your franchise system into Canada, or if you just want to get to know Joseph Adler a little more than you already do.

Canadian franchise attorney Joseph Adler talks about the similarities and differences between the Canadian and American franchise landscape.


0:00:50 – Joseph Adler Introduction
0:03:50 – Segment 1 – Get to know Joseph Adler
0:33:25 –  Segment 2 – How to expand a franchise system into Canada
1:11:07 – Segment 3 – Quick Draw Questions

Joseph Adler
Hoffer Adler LLP
425 University Ave., Suite 300
Toronto, Ontario M561T6 Canada

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