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Get in touch with Franchise Manuals via our Contact Page.


We will explain to you the Franman process, timeline and pricing structure.


When you have decided to use Franchise Manuals to produce your franchise operations manual, we will send you a contract for your review and approval.


After we have received your authorization we will call to schedule the initial site visit. The site visit is a two day meeting at your location that allows us to extract the content that we need in order to produce your custom franchise manual.


We will return to our office and produce your franchise operations manual, submit it to you for revisions and then final draft, in as little as 90 days.

We understand that not everybody has the same budget allocated to producing a Franchise Operating Manual. For this reason, we offer three manual packages.

  • Full Service Manual Package
  • Economic Manual Package
  • Manual Template

The three manual packages include varying levels of services that we provide. Your choice of packages will likely depending on the amount of time and energy that you have to devote to the project, as well as your budget for the manual project.

Full Service Manual Package

Most of our clients choose the Full Service Manual Package because this package includes a comprehensive list of services that cover all aspects of the manual production process. This package, for the busy franchisor who has neither the time nor available resources to devote to a manual project, provides you with a complete custom manual that is ready to use.

The Full Service Package includes an on-site visit from the Project Manager, unlimited phone or web consultation, as well as a detailed review of your FDD to ensure that your manual correlates to your FDD and Franchise Agreement.

The list of services that are included in this package are provided to you in three phases.

Phase One: Information Gathering

Site Visit
The site visit is a three-day meeting where we gather all of the information we will need to complete the manual. The first day of the site visit is devoted to creating the outline and assigning the content experts from within your company. The second and third days of the site visit are devoted to interviewing the content experts and reviewing your legacy documents for accuracy.

Phase Two: Information Gathering and Organization

Team Member Assignment
After the site visit, we will assign your project to a Production Team made up of the members of our staff that have the most experience in your industry.

Data Organization
The Production Team will meet to organize all of the data that has been collected during the site visit. They will review your existing documents, compartmentalize the information based on the outline that was generated on day one of the site visit, and conduct any necessary follow-up telephone interviews.

Phase Three: Production and Edit

Rough Draft
The Production team will produce a rough draft of your manual and present it to you for your review. You will need to review the entire rough draft, as there will likely be minor changes and additional content.

When we have received the edited rough draft from you, we will implement all of the changes and compile all of the sections, creating the master rough draft of the complete manual. We will continue to work with you on the master rough draft of the complete manual until you indicate to us that you are satisfied.

Phase Four: Final

We will present you with the final version of the manual in two formats. You will receive two digital versions on CD or via e-mail. One will be in an editable MS Word document so you can make changes as your system grows over time. The second will be in PDF format so you can duplicate the manual immediately. You may then duplicate all forms as many times as you would like, as you own the document.

Contact us to schedule a no obligation conference to discuss your manual project.

“Not Quite” Full-Service Manual Package

The “Not Quite” Full-Service package is designed for the small business owner who has plenty of time and energy to devote to the manual project. In this package, there is some writing required by the client.

We begin the process by conducting an initial conference call with your manual production team. That meeting will consist of the Project Manager and the Production Specialist on the FranMan side, and any members of your team that will be involved in the manual project. During this meeting, we will:

  • Acquaint you with your FranMan team.
  • Set up timelines for the production process.
  • Collaborate to finalize the initial outline of the manual.
  • Review and answer your questions regarding the questionnaire.

The questionnaire takes the place of the on-site information-gathering visit. This questionnaire is a list of questions that will help you organize your System Standards and present them to use for inclusion in your manual. You are required to complete the questionnaire and return it to us with all of the existing documentation of your operating procedures.

We will review all of your submissions and implement them into a rough draft manual for your review.

You will review the rough draft for accuracy, make any necessary changes, and then return the rough draft to us for finalization. In this package, we provide for only one revision of edits. You are responsible for any additional revisions and fine-tuning.

Contact us to schedule a no obligation conference to discuss your manual project.

Manual Template

The Manual Template package is a “do-it-yourself manual” package. It is designed for the entrepreneur who has more advanced writing skills and a great deal of time to dedicate to the manual project.

We provide you with:

  • 200 plus pages of content based on the outline, including alternative text selections for various industries. All content has been reviewed by a bar certified franchise attorney.
  • A step-by-step instruction guide with tips on how to customize the manual to your business.
  • Our initial setup service that comprises the insertion of your logo, company name, phone number and addresses throughout the manual. It also includes pre-formatting the document with your corporate color scheme.
  • Three hours of support or consultation with a Project Manager for the times when you get stuck. Additional time is available on an hourly basis.
  • The opportunity to review the entire template during an online presentation before you purchase.

It is important to consult your franchise attorney before deciding to purchase a franchise template. Many attorneys believe that a professionally produced franchise operating manual is crucial to properly documenting your system standards and may advise against a template.

Contact us to schedule a no obligation conference to discuss your manual project.