Yendy Khayat Franchise consultant Yendy Khayat speaks on the topic of how to expand a franchise system into the Middle East region. It is a complicated topic that would probably require 10 episodes in order to cover thoroughly. In this episode we attack the topic from 65,000 feet.

Segment 1: Get to know Yendy
In segment one of this episode we spend a little time getting to know the person Yendy Khayat. We learn a little about what it was like growing up in Beirut, Lebanon, her multinational educational path leading to an MBA with an educational emphasis in hospitality, and how she has successfully leveraged her impressive education and work experience into a successful franchise consulting career. By the way, she is fluent in three languages.

Segment 2: Expanding a franchise into the Middle East
In segment 2 Yendy and I try to logically attack the very complex topic of expanding a franchise system into the Middle East region. There are a lot of moving parts to this endeavor that would certainly be considered a “black diamond” run in franchising. However, we learn that with the proper prior planning and a good helping hand is can be a very fruitful expansion project for certain franchise concepts. The topics of discussion are:

Why the Middle East region is worth considering

  • Large market and growing
  • Favorable laws
  • Young and upwardly mobile consumer market
  • Strategically located

How to move forward with expansion in the region

  • Expansion models with local partners
  • Funding options
  • Intellectual property protection
  • Multinational law firm
  • Cultural considerations
  • Logistic considerations
  • The importance of proper infrastructure
  • Modification of training and support programs

Challenges that can hinder or halt expansion progress

  • Some concept categories experience the more success than others
  • Brand offering modification
  • Halal certified food
  • Design modifications
  • Language barrier
  • Reacting to leads versus logical business decision
  • Time zone allowances
  • Expansion into the Middle East region is “advanced franchising” and not for the beginner

Segment 3: – Quick Draw Questions

Segment 3 is a fun way to wind down the episode with quick, fun questions such as favorite movie, favorite book, etc. We find out what Yendy would do if she had enough money to never have to work again.

This is a FANTASTIC episode and a MUST LISTEN if you have ever considered expanding your franchise system into the Middle East region. We don’t provide all of the answers but we cover enough to get you on your way if Middle East expansion is part of your plans to grow your system.

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