Doc Cohen Doc Cohen was an absolutely fantastic guest on The Franchise Manual Podcast. If you miss this podcast you will be missing one of the best ones yet.

If you already know Mr. Cohen then I’ll bet that you will still learn something about him that you didn’t know in the “Get to know Doc Cohen” segment. If you didn’t already know Doc Cohen then you will definitely learn a lot about one of the finest men in the world of franchising. Find out why they call him “Doc”. Find out what Mr. Cohen has in common with Ray Kroc and Dave Thomas.

In “The Fun Questions” segment you will learn what Mr. Cohen’s favorite movies and TV shows are. You will be surprised when you find out. I surely was. (Did he say that he wants to be a zombie?)

Most importantly, in the topic segment, “Being the Best Franchisor from the Perspective of the Best Franchisee”, find out what advice Mr. Cohen gives to all franchisors in order to help their franchisees flourish and reach their success potential.

Special thanks to Jerry Darnell for introducing me to Mr. Doc Cohen.

Doc Cohen is a multi-unit and multi-concept franchisee, and he talks about how to be the best franchisor from the perspective of the best franchisee. Doc Cohen is the only franchisee ever to be inducted into the IFA’s hall of fame.


00:02:00 – Get to know Doc Cohen

00:36:00 – How to be the Best Franchisor

00:52:00 – The Fun Questions

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