The following is a brief description of the process that we follow with our clients to produce a custom Franchise Operations Manual:

  1. We will present you with a contract that will spell out the terms of our agreement.
  1. If you agree to the terms we have presented, you will sign the documents and return it to FranMan, along with the initial payment of 1/3 of the total amount due.
  1. After we receive the engagement letter and initial payment, we will contact you to schedule the site visit. The site visit is a three-day meeting where we gather all of the information we will need to complete the manual. The first day of the site visit is devoted to creating the outline and assigning the content experts from within your company. The second and third days of the site visit are devoted to interviewing the content experts and reviewing your legacy documents for accuracy. We ask for uninterrupted time for the site visit since we only have three days. We can extend the site visit if necessary.
  1. You will be responsible for the airfare, lodging, and meals during the site visit. We will commit to conservative travel expenses. You will be billed for the travel expenses within 10 days of the site visit. You will have the option of making all of the travel arrangements if you wish to have more control over the expenses.
  1. After we have completed the information gathering site visit, we will begin work on the rough draft of your Franchise Operations Manual.
  1. You will receive the rough draft one chapter at-a-time as we complete them. You will usually receive the first chapter within two weeks of the site visit.
  1. When you have received the entire rough draft, we will send you an invoice for your second payment of 1/3 of the total amount due.
  1. You will need to review the entire rough draft, as there will likely be minor changes and additional content. When we have received the edited rough draft from you, we will implement all of the changes and compile all of the sections, creating the master rough draft of the complete manual.
  1. We will continue to work with you on the master rough draft of the complete manual until you indicate to us that you are satisfied.
  1. We will present you with the final version of the manual in MS Word format so you can make changes as your system grows over time. You may request a copy of your manual in PDF in addition to the MS Word version that we send. You may then duplicate all forms as many times as you would like, as you own the document.
  1. Finally, we will send you an invoice for your final payment of 1/3 of the total amount due.

Payment Option: In order to assist clients in managing their cash flow, we have created a second payment option as follows:

  • 25% due on signing
  • 25% due on the 1st of each month thereafter until the balance is paid

This payment option may allow you to better project your expenses as they relate to the Franchise Operating Manual project. When we complete the project before you have made the final payment, you may continue making monthly payments until the balance is paid, or you may pay off the balance in full.

The entire process should take about 90 days, depending on how quickly we can complete the information gathering site visits, and how quickly you are able to return the edited rough draft back to us.

We accept new clients on a first-come, first-serve basis, and we like to maintain a current client list of no more than six clients. This allows us to maintain a high level of service and responsiveness to all of our clients. If we have reached our maximum client load at the time you wish to retain our services, we will accept a first payment deposit that will ensure your place in line.

When you choose Franchise Manuals to generate your Custom Franchise Operations Manual, you will benefit from three of our competitive advantages that separate us from other players in the market.

1. Face-to-Face Site Visit

We meet with you, face-to-face, at your location for the initial site visit. We don?t rely on questionnaires via e-mail or telephone calls to gather our information about your company. The advantage of a personal site visit is that it allows us to get a personal, hands-on feel of your company, its culture, and your product or service. The personal site visit helps us fully understand the intricate details of your operation so we can clearly document your systems and procedures.

2. Virtual Site Visit Attendance

We send one person to your location for the information gathering site visit. During the site visit, every minute of conversation is digitally recorded and saved. We require every team member who will be working on your manual project to listen to all of the site visit recordings before they are allowed to contribute. The advantage of using this system is that it allows the contributing team members to virtually attend every site visit. This ensures that no critical information will be lost or misinterpreted when it is conveyed to the team members. The end result is a more comprehensive and accurate documentation of your system standards.

3. We focus on our core competency

The cumulative experience of the FranMan team includes technical writing, operations, marketing, sales, graphic design and Franchise Law. We have applied this mix of diverse experience to the generation of custom Franchise Operations Manuals, and we have made that our core competency. At FranMan, we only do Franchise Operations Manuals; nothing else. This means that you will have specialists working on your manual project. You benefit from this when you receive one of the most professional operating manuals on the market.

4. We Specialize in Franchise Operations Manuals

All we do is produce Franchise Operations Manuals. We are specialists. This means that if our customers aren?t extremely pleased with our product, we would be out of business. For a large firm, the manual is just one part of their product. Their manual product will be good, but they don?t run the risk of being fired if they just produce an average manual. That sharp edge can sometimes be removed. As specialists, we have to outshine the rest because we are judged entirely on our single product.