Mike Drumm of Drumm Law in Denver, Colorado tells us why your company’s FDD might suck. He points out issues in an FDD’s content and style that could make or break an FDD’s ability to help you sell your concept to prospective franchisees. Mike gave away most of the company secrets during this interview!

Time Stamps

00:00:40 – Podner Introduction

00:02:24 – Segment 1: Get to know Mike Drumm

00:26:34 – Segment 2: Why Your FDD Sucks

00:55:06 – Segment 3: Quick Draw

Mike Drumm Show Notes

Why your FDD might suck:

  • It’s not written in plain English
  • You have “over disclosed”
  • You let your attorney or accountant write the first sentence that describes the concept
  • You didn’t brand the document
  • The FDD is not visually attractive and easy to read (pictures, charts, etc)
  • Item 19 doesn’t tell your story well
  • It doesn’t use a data sheet
  • Too many exhibits
  • Item 7 doesn’t include an average
  • It includes outdated technology references


During my visit with Mike, we go off topic and discuss some really important topics that every franchisor needs to know.

  • How to make the delivery of an FDD a memorable experience.
  • What is an FDD
  • Why is an FDD
  • What is the FTC Franchise Rule
  • Franchise Compliance Guide
  • Why do you need a franchise attorney

Books mentioned in the episode:

A Confederacy of Dunces

The E-Myth Revisited

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