Stan Friedman talks about Customer Relationship Management software, or CRMs, and how franchisors can best utilize them to manage franchise leads.

Stan Friedman is a 31-year franchise veteran and is passionate about franchising. In fact, this guy lives and breathes it. Stan is the president of a company called FRM Solutions. FRM delivers CRM solutions, designed specifically for franchising, but to call it a CRM is like calling an elephant a mouse, just because they are both gray.

Before FRM Solutions, Stan held C-Level roles at: Blimpie International, Wing Zone, Maggie Moos and Tutor Doctor. Stan also produces and hosts “Franchise Today,” a live, weekly podcast on BlogTalkRadio.

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Get to know Stan Friedman
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Topic Segment – CRM Software for Franchisors
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  •  Brief history of CRM
  •  What is CRM today
  •  How is CRM used in franchising
  •  Can a franchisor get by without CRM at first
  •  When does a franchisor need to graduate to CRM
  •  How to choose a CRM
  •  What is FRM Solutions
  •  The features of FRM Solutions
  •  The types of information a franchisor need to be managing
  •  the juggling act that a franchisor has to do when business gets that busy
  •  Sortable, Reportable, and Dashboardable
  •  Candidate Gate – Franchisee Gate
  •  Gating the candidate experience versus free reign
  •  Managing beyond acquisition

Stan Friedman
FRM Solutions
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Kit Vinson
FranMan Inc.
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Books Mentioned in the Episode:

Gino Wickman

The E-Myth
Michael Gerber

Seven habits of Highly Effective People
Stephen Covey

Spin Selling
Neil Rackham

The Physics of the Impossible
Michio Kaku

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