My Podner in this episode is Justin Howe and he’s the president of a brand-new franchise concept called H-Tea-O. Justin has agreed to let us do a series of episodes as we follow him through the process of franchising his business. This will be the first episode of that series. This interview is one of the best ones I have done so far, and I am really excited about it.

Time Stamps

Justin Howe Intro 00:00:40
Segment 1 00:02:20
Get to know Justin Howe
Segment 2 00:26:05
Topic Segment – Franchising H-Tea-O Part 1
Segment 3 01:10:30
Quickdraw Questions


• Texas Tea – the birth of the concept
• Franchising H-Tea-O
• Proving the concept
• Supply chain challenges
• Trademark challenges
• Creating a solid infrastructure
• Putting together the perfect team
• Becoming a franchisee in order to be the best franchisor
• No Item 19 challenge
• Real estate is one of the most important elements
• Establishing a solid franchisee training program

Justin Howe

Kit Vinson
FranMan Inc
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