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The staff of Franchise Manuals is dedicated to providing you with a professional Franchise Operations Manual at an affordable cost, in as little as 90 days.

It’s that simple.

We believe that your time and capital are your most precious resources. So, let us prepare your franchise operations manual for you so you can focus your resources on your core business.

At Franchise Manuals, we’ll focus our resources on your operations manual so you can focus your resources on your franchise system.

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Looking for a digital alternative to your paper manuals?

Take a Look at Our Online Manual
Take a Look at Our Online Manual

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The Franchise Manual Podcast – Episode #17 – Insurance for Franchisors

In this episode, Doug Groves and I talk about insurance, specifically, what types of business insurance are out there, the importance of finding a rep that knows your industry, and what role does insurance play in the relationship between franchisor and franchisee. [...]

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What Our Clients are Saying

Kit has been responsive, flexible and easy to work with. Yes, I would use him again.
Frank Carbone, President - ReCreation Vehicles, Inc.
We think Kit is fabulous and he did the most wonderful job on our Operations Manual. We seriously could not have asked for a better job and doing it ourselves was just simply out of the question. He made it as effortless as it could possibly be, he took care of everything and it was a fun and upbeat interview process of our daily activities. We still cannot believe the finished product, it looks so good! You really cannot go wrong with Kit; we’re more than pleased with his work.
Kelly Bone, President - Real Estate for 2
You have no idea what a relief it is to see the end of the tunnel. We have new franchisees coming to training in August and we will have the most professional FranMan Operations Manual in our industry. We are very excited to have over 800 pages of material all pulled into a rational, well structured whole.
Brian Argetsinger, Vice President - ITEX
I highly recommend Kit and his team at FranMan for any company seeking to create and implement an Online Operations Manual. Undertaking a project this large ourselves was not an option. Kit made this entire process as easy as possible, he brought new ideas to the table we had not thought of and took care of everything we asked for and more. The final product of our online manual, Cricketpedia, has simply surpassed our expectations.
Chastity Hueser, National Sales Ops Mgr - Service, Systems and Process Cricket Communications, Inc
Kit came out to Phoenix and did the remote work there and we are now going through the editing process. Our experience so far has been terrific, Kit is great to work with and I wish I would have done this years ago. I did some myself, hired technical writers and had staff doing parts of it, but this is the way to go.
Steve Foose, President - ShowerPro
The final result surpassed my expectations. You made the process very easy on me… I never had one regret. Thanks a million.
Jeff Maas, President - NationalOne Mortgage Corp.
Kit was good to work with. We started with nothing and were satisfied with the end results with him.
Jim Kesslick, President - Value Dry, Inc.
Kit Vinson not only did a great job with the Operations Manual, he helped us learn about our business from the outside in. He is a great communicator and has a gift for “listening between the lines” and getting things done right the first time. We would recommend his service to anyone that is considering assistance with an Operations Manual.
Marne Humphries, Owner - Healthy Tails
Gary is creative, comprehensive and cost-conscious. It’s rare that you find all three of those characteristics in one person. He’s always been there when I needed him, and I know I’m going to get what I need. I have complete Trust in Gary.
Jim Richardson, Executive Director, Licensing, Panda Express
FranMan produced a custom franchise operations manual specifically for my unique business. They asked the right questions, followed through on their promises in a timely manner, and produced a professional product. I would definitely call on them again.
Jim Quillen, President - Pass Your Plate
I have had the privilege of doing business with this company for almost a year. We are very satisfied with the work done so far. To this day, Kit Vinson proved to be very meticulous, attentive to detail and responsible person.
Gabrielle Sadkhin, President - The Sadkhin Complex
I would highly recommend Kit Vinson to anyone seeking to create an Operations Manual. As a franchisor, we had hundreds of procedures and policies that needed documenting. Kit was able to organize our current procedures in a clear concise format as well as augment procedures that we were deficient in documenting. I especially liked the language he used to describe the relationship between a franchisor and franchisee. Kit provided an excellent Operations Manual which is the backbone of our franchise business.
Dale Malone, EcoBox Franchise Corp. - President
We have been highly satisfied with the final product that indeed was begun from scratch. Also, Kit’s patience with us and his willingness to fit our tight schedule have been helpful and appreciated. We will use FranMan whenever future needs will arise.
Ugo Ginata, President - Paciugo